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RV WashAs a customer we realize that you have choices when is come to RV storage. When we designed our facility to kept in mind what we would want if I was going to pay for vehicle storage. Since we designed out facility from our own personal wants and needs, we feel that were offer the best possible RV and boat storage facility that really makes sense as an end user. That’s why we take pride in what we offer because we know that all others will fall short of what we consider the perfect RV parking facility.

RV Storage YardWe believe that if you have to pay for RV storage then you should get something for your money. When customers choose us over the competition they get so much more than just a trailer parking space. Parton get unlimited use of the onsite amenities like, the RV wash bay, dump stations, vacuum station, air station and all the free bagged ice they could need. Our customers find that having these amenities saves them an incredible amount of money that they would otherwise have to pay for should they use these services from an outside source.  Of course you would also have to value the tremendous amount of time that saved from having the convenience of the onsite amenities. Several of our customer that have chosen us for their boat storage and truck storage needs, have recommended us to all of their friends and family members because they see the value for what they get when using our vehicle storage facility over some other facility that offers nothing more than a RV parking space.

Stored Buses

Another feature that sets us apart from the competition is the facilities security measures that keep unwanted guest out. As a customer you want peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe. Even our business clients who store their work trucks, limousines or fleet cars or other vehicle, know that their getting a secure location for the commercial vehicle storage needs.  Offer a safe and secure truck parking has to be the number one issue with not only our commercial truck storage accounts but also all of our other patrons who store their boats, trailers and motorhomes.  We provide the kind of security that people want by designing the storage facility with 13ft high perimeter walls that shield the stored vehicles from the public’s view.  In addition using electronic access control with proximity card readers eliminates the need for pin codes that could be shared with unauthorized users. That makes this facility secure and safe for all our customers.

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